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Домой Криптовалюта I/O Coin (IOC). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

Криптовалюта I/O Coin (IOC). Текущий курс, капитализация, биржи.

Рыночная капитализация Iocoin (IOC)

  • iocoin
    I/O Coin (IOC)
  • Текущая цена
  • 24ч %
  • Рын. Капитализация
    $3.22 M
  • Объем
  • В обороте
    17.07 M IOC
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Текущий курс Iocoin (IOC)

Текущий курс I/O Coin (IOC) составляет $0.1925. Рыночная капитализация составляет $3.22 M. Цена криптовалюты изменилась на 0.87% вверх за последние 24 часа.

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График изменения курса Iocoin (IOC)

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Курс криптовалюты Iocoin (IOC) на биржах

# БиржаПараЦенаОбъем (24ч)Обновлено

История курса Iocoin (IOC)

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Официальная Twitter лента

If $BCH or $BTC had Encrypted Group Messaging, 1MB Encrypted data storage, Identity storage/aliases, all transferable with 4MB Blocks, side-chain with smart contracts, 1M TPS, 60S Conf, Private TX, excluding Pollution to secure da chain. That's $IOC Today soon $Cham @cz_binance

Confirmed for Miami Bitcoin Conference @MiamiBitcoin JA 14 – 22. My Topic "Chameleon; a peer to peer ledger technology to replace all other electronic cash systems currently in use in the world" Come Join Us, we will have a booth. $IOC $BTC $ETH $LTC https://t.co/XzKHaG3JxC

Insert Coin!!! Reworked the @IO_Coin API code in @unity3d for future use in https://t.co/vejgJE6OBy so everyone can use a free reliable #blockchain for their games. Next up is add more cool stuff, documentation and submission. #iocoin $ioc #unity3d #gamedev #blockchaingames

The scientific WP for $cham @chameleon_io is underway. Funding will be secured for the foundation, a developer reward program will be initiated and funding will be available for more awareness. We are also building a community awareness team (CAT) for $IOC and $cham.

I/O Coin, a #blockchain project started in 2014, applied to @CoinbasePro accompanied with an official legal opinion letter (required) stating IOC, under current regulations and tests (like Howey and Reves), is NOT to be considered a security. #coinbase #coinbasepro $btc $ioc

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