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Iungo is a globally distributed wireless internet service provider built with the help of a worldwide community.

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Hey! We want to make you aware that this Friday (26 of April) at 9:00 GMT there might be scheduled downtime or service interruptions for approximately 3 hours.
Thanks, #IUNGO network support

Hope you are looking forward to a Easter weekend!
We want to make you aware that today Friday Apr 19, 1-6 pm EEST there will be scheduled infrastructure changes and this could result temp service downtime.
IUNGO network support

Congratulations, IUNGO #hodl Society!
We have reached the final HODL distribution:
#iungonetwork #WiFi

It's really happening! First IUNGO routers for Beta testing have been successfully shipped 🎉
#iungonetwork #globalwifi #wifirouters #betatesting

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