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EtherDelta is an open-source and decentralized exchange for ETH based tokens. It provides a simple and safe interface to trade ETH based tokens for a very low fee.

Курс криптовалюты Etherdelta Token (EDT) на биржах

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It has been a challenging journey, but we have finally finished updating the entire platform and have launched most of the major improvements. We appologize for the period of instability while the code was updated, but we are sure the new improvements are worth it.

Please be careful! The company is working hard to resolve all technological issues, and will be releasing more updates soon. We thank you for your patience.

Hello EtherDelta users, we have heard multiple reports of a false website claiming to promote an EtherDelta Token V2.0. This site has no affiliation with the real EtherDelta platform or team.

'I definitely personally hope centralized exchanges burn in hell:' Ethereum founder blasts the most powerful players in crypto https://t.co/WegNWAb7nA via @businessinsider

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