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Актуальная информация о 0chain включает текущий курс, рыночную капитализацию, котировки валюты на биржах, технический анализ с рекомендациями. Текущий курс составляет $0.700, рыночная капитализация криптовалюты оценивается в $33.04 M. За последние двадцать четыре часа курс изменился на 19.43% вырос на.

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  • 0chain
    0chain (ZCN)
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  • 24ч %
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    $33.04 M
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    48.40 M ZCN
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0Chain is a data privacy, protection, and private sharing platform. 0Chain automates privacy compliance, provides continuous breach protection, and enables secured sharing to a 3rd party. 0Chain helps businesses achieve GDPR/CCPA compliance, transparency, and zero liability.

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Great to partner with #Matic and provide value to their developer ecosystem.

* Absolute Privacy
* Complete Transparency
* No Censorship

Poll for Developers: Which feature excites you most about 0Chain #dStorage?

#Matic #0Chain $ZCN

2/ 👩‍💻 0Chain & Matic will take part in hackathons, enabling developers to build on both platforms.

Developers can build a range of applications such as messaging, streaming, AI and web apps using traditional CDN and cloud storage.

🌐 Learn more: http://0chain.net

1/ 🔥 We’re happy to announce that @0Chain, a low-cost storage solution is now available to developers on Matic!

0Chain is a decentralized cloud storage platform, that will integrate with Matic’s high speed and scalable architecture.

For clarity on the problems of these apps:

* Dropbox lacks privacy and transparency.
* YouTuber doesn't earn much unless they have a lot of subscribers.
* Twitter censors people, groups and arbitrates truth.

#dStorage #0Chain $ZCN

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