Текущий курс Kadena составляет $0.1558.

Актуальная информация о Kadena включает текущий курс, рыночную капитализацию, котировки валюты на биржах, технический анализ с рекомендациями. Текущий курс составляет $0.1558, рыночная капитализация криптовалюты оценивается в $15.30 M. За последние двадцать четыре часа курс изменился на -2.22% упал на.

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  • kadena
    Kadena (KDA)
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  • 24ч %
  • Рын. Капитализация
    $15.30 M
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  • В обороте
    98.88 M KDA
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Информация о Kadena KDA

Kadena is launching one of the world’s first true scalable blockchains ready for applications. Kadena’s public blockchain is a braided, high-throughput Proof of Work system that runs Chainweb, a protocol that delivers security and throughput. The Kadena network will unite public applications, private blockchains, and other interoperable chains in one place, driving traffic to the high-bandwidth computer at the heart of the Kadena public chain. Kadena enterprise software is in use today by major companies in finance, healthcare, and insurance while allowing builders with a vision to skip straight from idea to product. With the launch of Kadena’s public chain, this system will support blockchain application development, from private to public and everywhere in between. Kadena is solving the problems of Ethereum and is delivering features today that other blockchains have only begun to include on their roadmaps, including Formal Verification, interoperability, scalability, and more. Kadena is live and ready for immediate deployment of production blockchain applications. The Kadena token (KDA) is a digital currency that is used to pay for computation on the Kadena public chain. Similar to ETH on Ethereum, KDA on Kadena is the token in which miners are compensated for mining blocks on the network and is the transaction fee that users pay in order to have their transactions included in a block. Applications processing volumes of transactions on the high-throughput, scalable Kadena network will execute their smart contract code using the native Kadena token. As more applications join or interoperate with the Kadena network, the number of smart contracts executed grows, as does the utility of the Kadena token.

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Официальная лента Twitter Kadena KDA

@Zel_Core @kadena_io Great news by @kadena_io and @Zel_Core! #kadenaswap will be a lifesaver for everyone fed up of wild gas fees on #uniswap. Onwards and upwards!! 🚀

Check out the #Kadenaswap gas station on testnet! You don't have to hold a platform token to pay gas to trade, unlike e.g. Uniswap. Dapp devs have the power to build gas stations to their exact needs. Next stop: #bountyswap on mainnet! https://bit.ly/3irkFe1

#Kadena has released our #roadmap for Q1 2021. Significant milestones include Kadenaswap "Bountyswap" in mainnet and launching our Ethereum bridge/wrapped KDA.

Read our update here https://bit.ly/3stCrlQ

#Kadena is committed to contributing to wide adoption of #blockchain technology. We've created #crypto gas stations to onboard people. A gas station is an account that exists only to fund gas payments on behalf of other users.

Learn more at http://bit.ly/KDAgs

#Kadena Public 2.4 is out with support for #Ethereum SPV, opening the way to full 2way bridges to Eth, #celo and other #EVM plafs! Kudos to lead eng Lars Kuhtz for a momentous achievement in #blockchain interoperability. Wrapped protocols INBOUND 🎉🎉🎊🎊https://bit.ly/3bs8EUn

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