Текущий курс AdEx составляет $0.3965.

Актуальная информация о AdEx включает текущий курс, рыночную капитализацию, котировки валюты на биржах, технический анализ с рекомендациями. Текущий курс составляет $0.3965, рыночная капитализация криптовалюты оценивается в $45.15 M. За последние двадцать четыре часа курс изменился на -5.05% упал на.

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  • adex
    AdEx (ADX)
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  • 24ч %
  • Рын. Капитализация
    $45.15 M
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    113.51 M ADX
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Информация о Adex ADX

AdEx (ADX) stands for “advertising exchange.” AdEx Coin is a blockchain-based marketplace for ads that aims to change the existing online advertising landscape and solve its major problems: ad fraud, privacy and consent to receive sponsored messages, etc. AdEx is fully transparent and built on the Ethereum Smart Contracts. AdEx is still in development, so it’s difficult to say much yet about it at this point. The original roadmap anticipated a beta release in February 2018. It remains to be seen if the team will meet that deadline. Future plans for version two of AdEx after launch focus on improving the user experience and scalability. AdEx has also expressed an interest in implementing a real-time bidding solution that could take place off-chain or on a high throughput network, like IOTA. AdEx raised $10 million in the first three hours of token sale. AdEx as a platform has room for a good amount of growth since digital advertising is a booming business anyway. But by eliminating flaws and continuing updates on its current platform, AdEx aims to stand firm in the near future.

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# обмен пара Цена Объем (24 часа) обновленный

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No technical data available for this coin

Официальная лента Twitter Adex ADX

Improvements of our payment channel systems coming in AdEx V :

⛽️ Tx cost reductions through gas cost optimizations
😎 Making AdEx usable even if the Ethereum network is congested;
🎚️ Higher number of tx per second (TPS) processed by validators

🛠️ We are already working on our 2021 roadmap. In case you missed the blogpost - you can catch up here: https://www.adex.network/blog/2021-roadmap/.

For The TLDR version 👇

See how @stremio monetizes the traffic of more than 1.7 million monthly active users with AdEx ads:

🎉 We crossed a very important milestone in the development of the AdEx Platform this week!

👉 How much registered users will AdEx have by the end of 2021? We'll revisit this tweet at the end of the year and see who got it right 🔮


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